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Bison Mural Project

-Drayton Valley. Alberta-

A Community Crowd funded Project

This summer I am going to be painting these two bison on a huge wall right downtown Drayton Valley!

This is a community crowd funded project and everyone who comes together gets to have their name on the plaque that will be on the mural. There are opportunities for businesses to have their logos shown and one lucky person gets to name the mural! 

I have partnered with Richelle, Owner of the Local Collective for this project! Richelle has brought locally made Albertan items and art into her space into DV. I am so excited to collab with this rural woman entrepreneur who values making space for creatives!

 I am also very pleased to be working with the Drayton Valley Fine Art Society for grant opportunities with this project!

Fundraising past our goal will go towards more murals in Drayton Valley,

with the consultation of the public and other artists! This could be the start of a beautiful thing.

Moving forward I will be talking more about the impacts of public art and art opportunities in rural communities!

There is a huge opportunity to educate and use this project to inspire others.

I hope if you have enjoyed my journey in public art this far and would love to see more public art in rural spaces

that you can show your support!

Bison Talking.jpg
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