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Painting the Pembina 2.0

Painting the Pembina 2.0 is a community mural in the heart of Evansburg. Brie has collaborated with Telus to paint their Evansburg location on 50th and 50th. This piece will incorporate aspects of the town’s pizazz and history inside of each letter. For example the G will home the iconic Grouch, R for the River and so on. This design has been inspired by community surveys and words of the residents. 


Last year Entwistle’s Salt of the Earth Gallery hosted the Painting the Pembina Project, had raised $8080 and donated over $4500 of additional funds to 3 local schools for their arts programs. This year the goal is $5500 with any additional funds going towards the same incentive. Rural public art and art education in rural spaces remains a top priority and goal. 

You can help make this happen by donating to the project. 

Anyone who donates over $20 will have their name added to a plaque that will be beside the mural.

Donations are online here or in person at Salt of the Earth Gallery

Any donation over $100+ qualifies for Bronze Level Sponsorship, please email for more info on Sponsorship Bonuses.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Click the Image below to donate

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