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Spot to Reflect

Spot to Reflect


Spot to Reflect


2” Birch Panel

Acrylic & Aerosols

Spot to Reflect is a piece that asks us to really examine the whole self and let love shine down on all parts of it. We often see ‘love and light’ enthusiast prop up the light sides of our souls and make little room for the shadow. But the shadow is how you know you exist in this realm. It’s how you know there is light. It’s part of the human experience. It’s spots we hide away and don’t let often be seen, sides like sadness, envy, mistrust, ambition, longing, selfishness. We act as though we don’t have these and deny ourselves healing by never acknowledging them. But everyone has them and much like a leopard and its spots, they serve a purpose and shape us just as acutely as joy does. It’s time to examine them, know them deeply and love them as they are. Reflect on all parts as a whole, know how you move through this world and love every little piece.

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