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Banishing white walls and noticing magic in every living thing

b.adkins Mural Map

Do you wonder if I have done a mural in your area? Check out this mural map of all my public art pieces that you can see any time. Although this is a great start it does not include murals I have done for schools and places that do require a sense of privacy. Most of these can be seen from the road or just a few steps from it! If you zoom way out you can even see where in Spain you can find B.Adkins Art. 

My biggest goal in life is to fill this map up with lots of murals, memories and adventure. 

Do you want  a mural?

Click the button below to get started on an input form! As seen above, all projects, near and far are welcome to be discussed. Perhaps you need more info about the process first? Check out the Mural FAQ page!

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