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Mural q&a

What is a mural, and how can it enhance my space?

  • A mural is a large-scale artwork painted directly on walls or surfaces, transforming spaces into captivating visual experiences. Murals add a unique touch to both indoor and outdoor environments, bringing life and character to any setting.

Do you travel for mural work?

  • Wherever you are, Brie is ready to bring your vision to life! For those further away, research and working collaboratively helps make this process seamless. Travel related expenses are factored in. 


How do I request a mural for my space?

  • To get started, simply reach out through our contact page. We'll discuss your ideas, preferences, and any specific details you have in mind.


What materials do you use for your murals?

  • Brie primarily uses high-quality water based commercial paint and spray paint to create stunning, durable murals. These materials are chosen for their vibrancy, longevity, and ease of use, ensuring your mural remains a breathtaking focal point for years to come.


How long does it take to complete a mural?

  • The timeframe varies depending on the size and complexity of the mural. Brie will provide you with a timeline during the consultation phase, keeping you informed at every step of the process. Exterior murals are subject to weather and variable conditions which can vary timelines. 


How does the design process work?

  • Brie welcomes your ideas and preferences. She can work with your vision, offering suggestions and insights to ensure the final mural exceeds your expectations. Also, you can treat this experience like an art collector and ask Brie to paint portfolio work, which is work that is near and dear to her heart and style. Finding a way we can incorporate your ideas and her style is a win-win for everyone. 

  • Brie takes you on a journey through the design, what is the goal, what colors should be included, how do you want people to feel, do you have an inspiration you can show, who is going to see this mural? All important questions that are asked before the process starts.

  • Once all the ideas are hashed out and a design fee is paid, Brie creates digital mock ups of the proposed mural and works with you to render them for the final product. 


How do you add to a mural's longevity?

  • A mural is only as good as the prep work put into the process. Each mural goes through a rigorous prep phase where Brie and her team wash, sand, scrape and prime the wall before painting. Each wall material is taken into consideration to ensure the best product for the specific job is used. 

  • We can use high-quality, UV-resistant varnish to protect your mural from the Canadian elements, ensuring it remains vibrant and intact. Periodic maintenance checks and touch-ups are also available to keep your mural looking fresh.

How much does a mural cost?

  • The artist fee can range from $15-$40+ /sf based on difficulty. The range in pricing factors in time and difficulty of a mural. A good example of this for instance would be a two-color line drawing mural on a flat indoor surface vs. XL animals portraits in a zoom boom around power lines. These fall into both ends of the spectrum and the artist knows best what will be involved and how long it will take. 

  • Additional costs are materials, equipment, travel and tax. 

Have more questions about our mural services? Feel free to contact us, and let's turn your ideas into a stunning mural masterpiece!

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