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In 2020 Brie Adkins began her journey with Murals. She connected with Murals as she can utilize all her skills and knowledge in the medium. 

Enchanted Forest Mural

Painting the Pembina 2.0

In partnership with Telus, I launched Painting the Pembina 2.0. Same as in 2020 each business or person that donated over $20 has their name on a plaque. This time we raised $1300 for each of the 3 Pembina Schools for their Arts Program. The mural itself is an acronym - Each letter contains pieces of the town as it is or historically that correlate with the letter. The critters represent Telus and a slower pace of life. The letters were brush painting, the criters aerosols. Again I am honored to have such a supportive community that helps me realize these projects.

Humming bird mural.jpg
Rainbow Mural.jpg
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Jennie's Ice Cream Truck

She wanted a design with sexy red lips. We went with a complimentary color palette to suit their new cherry red truck and paired it with classic ice cream shoppe lettering to pass the vibe check. It was a pleasure to make this happen for Jennie, she's always wanted red lips to represent her business. It's a true gift to be able to help  someone share their story and personality through painting.

Iron Wheel Inn

I took the train logo of the Iron Wheel Inn and paired it with a historical picture of the actual Entwistle hotel building in the 1920's - At that time the history of the town revolved around the train bridge being built. It was said to have housed working men, ladies of the night and the bar. Today it still stands as a bar, refurnished to honor the old aesthetics. This mural was kept in sepia tones to deliver on that 'old town feel'

TRAIN pic.jpg

Bison Mural

A little-known fact about bison is that when a thunderstorm is coming they will turn towards the storm, walk into it and thus have to bear the brunt of the storm in a shorter time. They face adversity head-on and pull together. I love this metaphor and used it in a way to represent the spirit of the town. In the 'storm' design are hundreds of little fingerprints from local children and supporters.

Green Spirit | Mural Massive

Mural Massive is a mural jam that happens yearly in downtown Edmonton. I wanted to bring a green spirit into the heart of the city. This piece was purchased by the DBA YEG after the event for any events, barricades, markets, or others that come up in the city.

The Diamond
Learning to Share
Bison Mural
Image (5)
That 70's Mural

Curious about getting a professional fine art mural? Find out more through the PowerPoint below.

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