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Brie Adkins



Brie Adkins, 

New Work

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Brie Adkins is an award winning artist and muralist with her most recent body of work spanning Alberta and Spain. Brie has been painting professionally since 2015 and in that time has has hosted workshops, cultural events and propped up other women artists within her own gallery space. Brie lends her artistic voice to the magic found in nature and across all disciplines promotes connectivity to natural elements. She aims to capture a moment of time we lose ourselves to the wonder of nature, or at least pause to consider it. There is an intentional touch of femininity that blankets all her work; having always worked in male dominated industries, as a machinist, oil worker and now muralist, Brie aims to be loud and graceful about the beauty and power women bring to the table. Recently, Brie travelled to Spain and completed a 2.5 month residency painting 7 murals in that time and connecting with street artists abroad. This experience has lit a fire in Brie that her work needs to travel more. It is her intention to leave her home base more often to make her mark on the world. Through mural work Brie has raised over 10k for her local schools art programs. She has changed landscapes of downtowns’s and helped businesses’s win beautification awards. She sits as the Arts and Culture representative on the Pembina Chamber of Commerce and helps share approacheson how communities can use art as a means to attract tourism and enhance everyday life. Brie advocates for art in rural spaces and has opened a free wall in the heart of Entwistle so that anyone can paint publicly and freely.

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It's Time

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Athabasca Falls

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