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Capture the Beauty



Brie Adkins, 

More than the canvas, the paint, the paper and all the brushes; Brie Adkins works with a feeling or a fleeting dream to create a work of art. Brie has been in the trade for more than seven years, in this time she has taken and taught classes, hosted exhibitions all over Alberta, won awards and lifted communities as well as other artists through her art practice. She has not been pinned down to a style or a medium and chooses to play and explore the best uses of her skills to represent the voice the art itself needs to succeed. Recently Brie has incorporated strong symbolism into her work that lends itself to her own healing and spiritual journey. This artists has also broken into the mural scene during the pandemic. Through incredible community engagement Brie has put up 7 murals in her hometown and raised around 10k for the 3 local school’s art programs. These 7 represent half of her mural work in the past two years. This artist flies to Spain for two months in the fall of 2022 for a self directed public art residency hoping to bring back more energy and spirit into her practice. She spends quiet days at home with her husband and twin boys, frequenting her studio and waiting for the call to dream up new projects.

New Work

Slider Gallery

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It's Time

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Athabasca Falls

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