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Ammolite Alberta

Brie Adkins has captured the shine, dazzle and luster of ammolite though a self discovered mixed media technique. Each piece is inspired by Albertan subject matters that pose the same question as ammolite; will it last this lifetime in Alberta?

Brie wants viewers to rediscover the beauty of these possible ephemeral moments and (literally sometimes) reflect on what role they play in these moments. 

The best way to experience the works is during an opening reception where the artists talks about the driving force behind the pieces. 

Winter Pine
Cresent Falls
Reaching for Light
Broken Cabin
Blue Praries
Red Praries
Driftwood View
Lil Shuk
Glacier Hills
First Skate
Wise One
Woodland Caribou Mini
Glacier Fed
Whooping Crane
Little Bee
Bearly There
Ode to the Whale
Woodland Caribou
Finding Luck
Treasure Within
Swift Fox
Ammolite Pieces of Her_Craner_2017_20x20
Piping Plover and Nest
Athabasca Ammolite
Lone Pine
Beneath the Surface
Three Pine
Pumpjack Down
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