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Ammolite Pieces of Her

Ammolite Pieces of Her


Ammolite Pieces of Her

Resin and Mixed Media


Cradled Birch Panel


Ammolite Pieces of Her was created in an expansion of the Spirit Agate Series to move to exploring new gems and minerals. The reason ammolite was chosen is because I had recently learnt that Alberta is the only place a mine has been operating to extract this precious gemstone. As a matter of fact ammolite is one of the worlds rarest gems!! 

So while this piece may be beautiful all on its own it has cracked the door open to a whole new direction for me as an artist. This is the first work in the 'Alberta Ammolite' series as well as being a part of Spirit Agate. With this piece I now have plans to travel to the Korite mine in the summer time for a tour, work on perfecting the process and create work truly representative of Alberta. This piece is a spark that has lit a new dream. It is also truly stunning.

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